Account Roles and Permissions

There are several types of user accounts (roles) on the SupplyShift platform. Account administrators can assign roles to other account users . To learn how to add accounts and roles, click here.

Account Roles

  • Admin: Allows full access to the platform and all available permissions, which include survey requests and the ability to add new company accounts. A company can have several admin accounts.
  • User: Allows access to both the buyer and supplier menus, but cannot edit the Company Profile, or create Admin or Auditor Admin accounts.
  • Answerer: Allows the account holder to answer assigned questions in a survey, but not to submit a survey.
  • View Only: Allows the account holder to view all data in both Buyer and Supplier menus, but cannot answer, edit or save any data. This role has the least amount of permissions.

Auditor roles

  • Auditor (Admin): Can be assigned to audit assessments, and create and assign other auditors .
  • Auditor: Can audit assessments for designated suppliers.
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